About the project


In today’s highly competitive labour markets, the experience gained through Work-Based Learning (WBL) opens doors to later jobs.

Youth unemployment rates in European countries with a strong tradition of WBL, such as Austria (9.0%), are lower than in countries with less developed WBL systems, like Bulgaria (21.6%), France (25.2%), Portugal (34.5%), Italy (42%) or Spain (51.4%).

Work-based learning is also particularly effective to re-motivate and retain learners who are otherwise at risk of dropping out. At-risk groups such as migrants or ethnic minorities are particularly in need of targeted support. Nevertheless, available evidence confirms that young immigrants and ethnic minorities rarely have the same chances to access good training places in the apprenticeship system.

LINK-Inc project aims to increase the participation of migrants and ethnic minorities in WBL by equipping VET and In-company teachers and mentors with innovative approaches to address cultural diversity in VET.

The purpose is to equip VET professionals with the adequate skills and tools to support young migrants and ethnic minorities in their allocation to training places. Furthermore, to prevent possible situations of discrimination in WBL by helping In-company teachers, trainers and mentors to acquire competencies and tools to manage cultural diversity in apprenticeships programmes.