Objectives and beneficiaries

  • Identify the skills that VET and in-company trainers and mentors require to integrate cultural and ethnic diversity in WBL.
  • Enhance the professional development of VET and in-company trainers and mentors by developing innovative tools to facilitate the recognition of their competence profile and job description.
  • Develop new approaches and innovative methodologies to apply and manage Intercultural Integration in WBL.
  • Train and up-skill VET staff on new approaches and practical tools to apply and manage diversity in WBL.
  • Promote and facilitate access to good practices, methodologies and products for Intercultural Integration in VET.

Main target users of the project products are VET and in-company trainers, teachers, mentors and counselors, VET providers and companies providing Work-based Learning, social partners and Public entities, NGOs and other organizations supporting migrants and ethnic minorities. The project will help to improve their intercultural competencies and support them with innovative and practical tools designed to effectively manage cultural diversity in WBL.

Final beneficiaries of LINK-Inc project are migrants and ethnic minorities in general, and VET students and apprentices in particular, willing to participate in Work-based Learning. They shall benefit of better chances to access to good training places in the apprenticeship system and of new didactic methodologies designed to create intercultural WBL settings.