LINK-INC Training curriculum structure

The structure of the LINK-INC training is based on results from desktop and field research results organised in an initial project phase on cultural and ethnic integration in work-based learning in the project partner countries. It holds two modules, one related to interculturality, the other to work based learning, each worth one ECVET credit. Both modules and their units are linked but no specific learning path has been foreseen, leaving a modular approach in learning/ training activities to specific individual needs.


Within units, the content provides details related to:

  • Title of the unit,
  • Recommended duration and learning hours
  • Learning outcomes,
  • Follow-up and methods of assessment of the learning activity
  • Other aspect of relevance links, references, recommended material/tools, etc.

The following pages will give an overview of modules of the LINK-INC training curriculum and their units in detail.