LINK-INC Fostering equity and inclusion in Work-Based Learning by equipping trainers and mentors with innovative approaches to address cultural and ethnic diversity in VET” is an innovative project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, aimed at the integration of intercultural competencies and the management of cultural diversity in Work-Based Learning (WBL), in order to prevent discrimination and support the participation of migrants and ethnic minorities in learning and social inclusion. LINK-INC project is being developed by six partner organizations (VET providers, educational companies and social partners) from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The target group and users of LINK-INC project results are VET and in-company teachers, trainers, tutors, instructors, mentors, counsellors and other professionals involved in Work-Based Learning, especially those working (or likely to work) with migrants and ethnic minorities – the final project beneficiaries – among VET students and in-company apprentices.

The LINK-INC Handbook is the third intellectual output of the project, complementary with other practical project outputs such as the Training Curriculum and the Toolbox. The LINK-INC Handbook aims at providing in depth information about new approaches and innovative methodologies on Intercultural Integration in Work-based Learning. The Handbook provides theoretical introduction, approaches and general notions on cultural and ethnic integration in WBL, as well as conceptual knowledge and methodological support related to trainers, tutors and mentors (VET and in-company) working with Intercultural Integration.

The Handbook is structured in the following units:

  • Work context – Work-Based Learning
  • Theoretical context – Interculturality
  • Methodological context – How to integrate cultural and ethnic diversity in WBL

Organizations and professional interested in managing Intercultural Integration in WBL can make use of the present Handbook which is available, as an Open Educational Resource, in English and the respective languages of the consortium, and accessible through the Open Online Center of LINK-INC project.