Mapping of methodological recommendations

Once critical aspects for the incorporation of interculturality in WBL have been identified, the second step of the process for the construction of the present unit has been the development of brief methodological recommendations on how these elements can be applied in the framework of WBL.

A conceptual map of the critical aspects for the incorporation of interculturality in WBL is included below. This graphic element has been made to facilitate the process of gathering methodological recommendations, as well as the evaluation of the different recommendations provided.

LINK INC project provides innovative methodological recommendations for the integration and management of interculturality in WBL. These methodological recommendations are based on the analyses made by the project partners and the stakeholders, experts and collaborators of the project, especially those integrating the national Expert Board Committees. Furthermore, methodological recommendations have been tested and partially developed by those WBL professionals involved during the pilot phase of LINK-INC project.

The mapping of methodological recommendations carried out is aimed at providing practical tips for the management of intercultural integration in WBL to those organizations and professionals that work with, or are willing to support, migrants and ethnic minorities in WBL.

Methodological recommendations have been provided by:

Staff from partners organizations, especially those involved in the management of LINK-INC project

Stakeholders and collaborators, especially those taking part in the Expert Board Committees from each participant country

Participants in pilot phase, previously compiled recommendations have been evaluated during the pilots, but also new recommendations have been provided by participants












Final Considerations

The LINK-INC Handbook provides WBL professionals with in depth information about new approaches and innovative methodologies on Intercultural Integration in Work-based Learning. It has been designed to provide methodological recommendations on how to integrate cultural and ethnic diversity in WBL in VET organizations throughout Europe.

Organizations and professionals interested in managing Intercultural Integration in WBL can take advantage of these methodological recommendations, which cover a wide range of areas and analytical approaches. Thus, the present Handbook will help WBL professionals and VET organizations to integrate the management of cultural and ethnic diversity as a transversal element on their WBL programmes:

  • Considering the main different types of Work Based Learning: apprenticeships, internships and traineeships
  • Working in those WBL programmes more focused in the training side (learners as students), in those more focused in the work sphere (learners as employees), as well as in different mixed models and in formal and informal ways of learning
  • Focusing on the main functions of the professional roles involved in WBL: trainers (instructing learners), tutors (ensuring the acquisition of work competences of learners) and mentors (encouraging learners during the process of WBL)
  • Improving the professional profiles of these WBL professionals: developing their competence profiles, identifying their skill gaps for the management of interculturality in WBL and also developing or improving their qualifications in this field
  • Facilitating the tools and resources for the design, implementation and assessment of WBL programmes
  • When developing/adapting the learning outcomes included in a training curriculum, when creating the training contents, as well as when taking into consideration the learning strategies to be applied
  • Selecting the most suitable learning and teaching methods and tools, and promoting among learners specific learning styles
  • When applying assessing methods and gathering assessment results to evaluate the WBL programme
  • Defining and providing the necessary support to WBL learners and professionals

This Handbook is a methodological tool that combined with the other LINK-INC resources, available at the LINK-INC Online Platform , will support teachers, tutors and mentors (VET and in-company) with innovative approaches, practical tips and recommendations to address cultural diversity in Work Based-Learning. This will help these professionals to achieve the overall objective of increasing the participation of migrants and ethnic minorities in Work Based-Learning VET programmes in Europe.