Trainee individual assessment

Individual Assesment


This self assessment form is intended to be used to reflect upon and assess your WBL performance.


On the next page you can find a list with evaluation criteria. Read carefully each one of the statements and choose your answer.

Knowledge and professional skills

I applied my theoretical and practical knowledge in the implementation of activities foreseen on the individual activities plan.
Quality and work organisation

I’ve organized the work that was requested to me, identified priorities and I’ve done it using the appropriate methods, bearing in mind the quality requirements.
Work rhythm/dexterity

I’ve performed the activities on time and demonstrated techniques and equipment knowledge applied to the specific work.
Autonomy, initiative and creativity

I’ve performed activities autonomously and I took the initiative to make proposals for solving the problems that arose.
Health and safety rules

I’ve respected the implementation conditions of the different activities by applying safety and hygiene rules and avoiding accidents that jeopardize my safety and/or of other people.
Teamwork and interpersonal relationships

I’ve established good relationships and had an ease in integration and in the performance of collaborative teamwork.
Sense of responsibility

I engaged myself in the implementation of the proposed activities, complying with the guidelines and with the agreed times and demonstrated a responsible behaviour.
Participation and professional adaptation

I have shown interest to collaborate actively in the planned activities and had ease of adaptation to new proposed tasks and to the work environment.
Personal presentation

I have demonstrated appropriate behaviour in the work environment and a careful presentation.
Punctuality and attendance

I have fulfilled the punctuality and attendance established rules.