LINK-INC Fostering equity and inclusion in Work-Based Learning by equipping trainers and mentors with innovative approaches to address cultural and ethnic diversity in VET” is an innovative project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, aimed at the integration of intercultural competencies and the management of cultural diversity in Work-Based Learning (WBL), in order to prevent discrimination and support the participation of migrants and ethnic minorities in learning and social inclusion. LINK-INC project is being developed by six partner organizations (VET providers, educational companies and social partners) from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The target group and users of our project results are VET and in-company teachers, trainers, tutors, instructors, mentors, counsellors and other professionals involved in Work-Based Learning, especially those working (or likely to work) with migrants and ethnic minorities – the final project beneficiaries – among VET students and in-company apprentices.

LINK-INC Toolbox is the forth intellectual output of the project, it is a useful resource of practical information for the direct implementation of innovative methods in cultural and ethnic integration in Work-based Learning. It contains a set of practical tools and methods adapted to the specific needs of the users and beneficiaries of the project, to be applied in the organizations, services and professional activities related.

The practical contents, methodologies, activities, dynamics and resources contained on the Toolbox will be a central instrument to be applied and tested during the pilot trials, the tools from Module 1 are aimed at trainers to be applied with learners, and the ones related to Module 2 are aimed to be applied directly with trainers, they are specifically addressed to training professionals and designed to be useful in the management and organization of their WBL training programmes.

This Toolbox is a practical Open Educational Resource (OER), available on the Open Online Centre of the project.

Furthermore, the tools presented are organised following the structure of the LINK-INC curriculum:

– Module A: Intercultural Competencies for WBL
  • Unit A.1: Intercultural awareness
  • Unit A.2: Intercultural communication
  • Unit A.3: Intercultural conflict resolution
– Module B: Management of Interculturality in WBL
  • Unit B.1: Intercultural dimensions at work
  • Unit B.2: Processes: Plan-Implement-Evaluate intercultural WBL
  • Unit B.3: Intercultural dimensions of the organizational communication.

This Toolbox is designed to train and up-skill VET staff on new approaches and practical tools to apply and manage diversity in WBL.