Project Results

State of the art report on cultural and ethnic integration in Work-based Learning

The aim of this report is to identify patterns and common necessities at European level, and also geographical particularities, and summarize the information gathered by means of different research activities. The report shall help to better adapt the project outputs and products to the reality and specific needs of cultural and ethnic integration in Work-based Learning.

LINK-Inc Training Curriculum

The training curriculum define and develop the necessary knowledge, skills and competences needed by trainers and mentors (VET and in-company) working with Intercultural Integration. This project product set a framework for the assessment of learning outcomes based on the ECVET methodology and tools.

LINK-Inc Open Online Center

The Open Online Center will have several functions related with the main objectives of the project:

  • Open Education Resources (OER) repository, offering an online space to launch the OER outputs developed within the project in an easily and free-access way.
  • Promotional media, to disseminate the project, its activities and outputs, in order to ensure maximum outreach, longer impact and sustainability.
  • Networking tool, shared by participants, stakeholders and other relevant and interested organizations, aimed at multiply the effect of dissemination and exploitation.
  • Dissemination hub, source of relevant information, contents, resources, methodologies on Intercultural Integration in Work-based Learning, aimed at creating awareness about its relevance and usefulness.
  • Key details about LINK-Inc project scope, objectives, partnership, achievements, events and news, as well as links to good practices and websites of interest.


The Open Online Center will include, among others, the following contents: